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Guest Cathy of Gluten Free Cooking Winter Squash and Quinoa Stuffing

Have you met my friend Cathy from She was the guest on the November episode of Friends Drift Inn Television.

Here’s the show where we giggled way too much about fall greens, butternut squash, quinoa, and gluten free chocolate. For Cathy’s recipes, visit Mother of a Hubbard.

Cathy is an academic. She is a college professor with lots of letters after her name. But if you look closely, especially on a weekend, you will find she has a little dirt under her fingernails. Her 40 x 60 four season garden is one of the most jaw dropping gardens I have ever seen. I did a feature on that for the Appalachian News-Express chain.

Winter Squash featured on Friends Drift Inn Television

“Who was the pretty lady with you on the Kentucky Living show?” was a question I heard more than once. Cathy and I were captured in her terraced plot sniffing melons. It’s a long story. Giggles

Cathy advocates growing heirloom vegetables. Her family kitchen is gluten-free. She loves to can and preserve the harvest. Her dehydrator is monstrous! She is a seed saver. She keeps honeybees. Like me, she gets a little ill when folks fail to see the potential here in Appalachia.

Cathy and I have known each other only a short time, but our friendship is solid. We have run off to Bill Best’s Seed Swap in Berea together. We met up at UK’s Robinson Center for Taste of the Mountains. We stood toe-to-toe with some Ag policy makers, and we think changes are in the wind for our community.


My prediction is you will be hearing lots more from this four season gardener obsessed by winter squash and heirloom vegetables. Check out her blog Mother of a Hubbard and follow Mother of a Hubbard on Facebook and Twitter. She’s one to watch!

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