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Fresh Radish Salad with Mint

Radishes for Breakfast? Why Yes Please!

The Appalachian moon was still shining when I went out with a flashlight to harvest fresh mint this morning for my radish salad. Mint, the smell of springtime in the Appalachians, makes me happy even if it is five in the morning.

Today I was a guest at East Kentucky Broadcastings family of stations; doing four appearances before you got to work. We talked about the flavors of spring including ramps, mint, local eggs, sheep cheese, and radishes.


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Radishes are one of those vegetables that are underutilized. From the time you throw seeds on the ground until they are ready to harvest – it is under a month. The crisp, clean, peppery taste is something the folks in my little corner of Appalachia; seem to only value as a garnish and afterthought. But the times are changing!

I love radishes and have chosen several different varieties in this year’s spring garden. Really, I had never thought of them as a breakfast food. But why not? Served with a handful of mint and as a preface to savories this little radish salad will wake your taste buds right up.

I like radish salad for an interesting side dish when the girls come over for lunch too! OH! What about as a little cold fresh salad on a romantic picnic? Talk about your easy picnic recipe!

Radish salad, it’s not really a recipe. It is more an idea. Play with the flavors. Expand your palate. Think outside the box. It is spring for crying out loud – live a little!

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