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Tonight at 9 PM EST I will be co-hosting #Gardenchat Fall Food Preservation chat. (PS UPDATE LINK TO GardenChat Transcipt) I’ve been thinking what I could possibly say that has not been said before. The Voltaggio Brothers gave me inspirations!

Radish Herbed Salt Recipe

I hate to waste food. I am an avid composter; but even I am dismayed as I prepare vegetables just how much seems to go on the heap.

Voltaggio Brothers Volt Ink on Stage Incredible Food Show Lexington KY

This weekend, I had the rare privilege of spending a few minutes with rock star chefs Bryan and Michael Voltaggio of Top Chef fame. They have a new book coming out, VOLT ink.: Recipes, Stories, Brothers> which is a cooking tome like no other. Kentucky got a few sneak copies when the Voltaggio Brothers appearance at the Kentucky Proud   Incredible Food Show. But that’s not what this post is about.


Food Preservation is not just a seasonal thing – something done just during the growing season. Figuring out how to use up as much of the produce as you buy or grow is something we need to be thinking about every day.

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Black Spanish Radish Herb Salt

Black Spanish Radish Fall Crop

At the Lexington Farmers Market this weekend, there was an abundance of Black Spanish Radishes. They are a fall crop, larger than the “usual” radishes about the size of tennis ball. They can be roasted. They can be cooked and pureed. They can be done in quick pickle brine or eaten fresh with a combination of other radishes in a lovely root salad.

But what about the tops? The Voltaggio Brothers had me thinking about food preservation on an everyday basis.

Black Spanish Radish tops are much milder than the root, flavored similar to broccoli. I supposed you could use them in salads, but I travelled three hours in the car to get them home….and frankly the tops were much wilted. We will start growing these at the farm!

But the Voltaggio Brothers words were still fresh under my hat. “Use it all.”

On stage, the brothers showed how they “charred” various greens that might otherwise be discarded. I tried the method with Black Spanish Radish tops, adding some kosher salt for an interesting twist on herbed salt. The char process gave the greens a touch of nuttiness – just right to sprinkle over soups or sides adding flavors and visual temptations.

Food Preservation is an everyday process. It is rethinking how you work in the kitchen. It is about opening the spigot and letting the creativity flow.

Catch my interview with The Voltaggio Brothers.

Food Preservation

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