Hot Sauce Recipe with Tabasco Peppers

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Tabasco peppers grown at Friends Drift Inn Farm.

Red Tabasco Peppers grown at Friends Drift Inn Farm.

I like challenges. I am completive. When chef Sean Brock said he made his own hot sauce, I was up for the challenge. This hot sauce recipe is a short cut method; if the frost holds off I’ll be delivering another hot sauce recipe in a few weeks.

Red Hot Tabasco Pepper Sauce Recipe

Show me the Hot Sauce!

I grew up on Tabasco Sauce, a household staple in most southern homes.

The authentic trademarked Tabasco Hot Sauce comes from Avery Island, Louisiana. Charlie and I are big fans; he even has a tie sporting the Tabasco brand. Down in bayou country, they salt the Tabasco Peppers down and ferment them in oak barrels with an aging process up to three years.

Here in Kentucky, the only thing I know about aging in barrels is bourbon. But you knew that already didn’t you? Giggles

Tabasco Hot Peppers on the plant and unripened

I like my Tabasco Peppers RED….red like lipstick; red like my hat. But therein is the rub. My plants are loaded with yellowish orange firecracker peppers and the frost is hovering. I’ve only harvested a pound or so, and there’s probably ten pounds on the plants. Keep your fingers crossed….and “Think RED!” Friend Drift Inn Farm is in USDA 6b, so I usually have to cover the plants for the first couple of frosts, but the usually come through.

Tabasco Pepper seed is available through Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The peppers take about 90 days to maturity. I am holding my breath – hoping the sunshine prevails over Jack Frost.

Until then enjoy this short-cut recipe for Hot Sauce. You will like it on cooked cabbage, in chili, salad dressings, and maybe even with a Bloody Mary Cocktail.

Tabasco Peppers have a high moisture content. My advice is to wear gloves when picking, and when processing the potent peppers. Charlie suggests using goggles and a gas mask as you cook this down. It is sound advice! LOL

Tabasco Peppers
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