Fast and Easy Blondie Brownies Recipe

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Blondie Brownies Recipe

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Blondie Brownie Recipe – Moist, Sweet and On the GO!

Last Saturday, I made the most glorious cherry almond bourbon brownies! Sounds good doesn’t it? It is a recipe part Heidi’s from 101 Cookbooks, part Food Network Magazine and part my idea of what Kentucky is all about – bourbon and sorghum.

The thing is, as wonderfully flavored as the cherry brownies were, they did not hold together. Understand, when I bake brownies on Saturday it is for one reason; the boys in the college football press box. They do not have time for fudgy, ooey gooey want to slap your momma brownies. What they need is something they can quickly refuel with while juggling microphones, computers, binoculars, cameras, and stat sheets.

So, the messy brownies went into the freezer. Sorry boys. I couldn’t even stand the thought of photographing them, they were so raggedy. I’ll use them in a tipsy trifle.

And So….

Pressed for time, I found this quick blondie brownie recipe that whips up easily, and bakes for a mere half hour. With unexpected bits of chocolate chips and cashews, these brownies were apparently a big hit.They are a little dense, but that what makes them so great for packing in picnic baskets and tailgate caravans! I think they must have been pretty good. They disappeared at halftime.

Bake some for your football tailgate party crowd. These are great for picnics too!

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