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Ratatouille Recipe As a Vegetable Stew

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Vegetable Stew Recipe – Shortcut on a Harvest Day

Traditional Ratatouille is baked in an oven casserole style. Wednesday on this blog, I shared a Fancy Ratatouille Recipe which is an extremely rich vegetarian entrée featuring the secret ingredient sorghum.

Today’s post is the short cut version of ratatouille, cooked on the stovetop like a vegetable stew. This recipe appeared in Wedesday’s Appalachian News Express with a story about all the fussing and fighting over the different presentations of ratatouille: Julia Child subscribing to a “layered” version while the innovator chef Thomas Keller put forth a beautiful “fan” of vegetables skillfully arranged in an artistic presentation.

From my perspective, I like both styles. This rough chopped version is more for days when I have been in the garden, picked the harvest, toted it back to the barn, washed it all up and got most of it ready for the canner or freezer.I want something EASY.

This “stew” recipe is not quite as rich as the baked version, but it is just what the doctor ordered on these rainy fall days when there is a chill in the air. We like it with grilled italian sausage and a big hunk of cornbread.

Ratatouille stew is easy to make with farm fresh ingredients readily available from your garden or the farmers market. I am not ready to call it a “Flavor of Fall”….so let’s say it’s a “Salute to Summer” dish.

Make this tonight, and let it sit in the fridge for tomorrow’s meal. The flavors will meld into something greater than any one part.

Happy Friday!

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