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A few weeks back the Pointy Toed Shoes Crowd met up for food adventures in Lexington. One of the off-beat adventures included dinner at Table Three Ten.

The dessert creations of pastry chef Stella Parks were quite impressive. My favorite was a winter squash panna cotta served in a small curvy hurricane glass. The confection was a lovely presentation, and the perfect way to conclude an evening indulging in the avant garde atmosphere that defines Table Three Ten.

The thing is, I was not really sure what panna cotta was. You know, I would have called it custard; rich creamy and smooth. While not presented in a circular mold, panna cotta is similar to flan using cream and eggs as a velvet smooth base – except Stella’s version had a depth of flavor much more indulgent than a simple egg custard.

Grandma used to make homemade pudding and custards, never using anything that came all dolled up in a cardboard box. I do too. Homemade custard by any other name…flan, panna cotta…whatever. It’s still creamy, dreamy custard.

Here’s an easy panna cotta recipe inspired by the folks at Driscoll’s Berry using an abundance of raspberries.

I served it in punch cups. I think it’s just more fun for entertaining that way. Spoon in!

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