Donahue’s Dandy Cookie Recipe

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Donahue's Dandy Cookie Recipe

Simple But Tasty Cookie Recipe
Forget About Vanilla Wafers!

The Woman’s Club High Tea is one of the highlights of our club year. It’s an event that sparkles with silver, crystal, and a glorious table setting groaning with sweet and savory offerings.

The membership sips tea from simple bone china cups, often with a classical quartet performing in the background. We use the time to congratulate ourselves for interjecting a modicum of old fashioned culture into our modern frantic lives.

We were gathering up our favors, cameras, and club books to head home, when suddenly there was a scuffle at the dessert table. A few of the women were eagerly stuffing the plainest of plain cookies into little Ziplocs.

Now when you have desserts glazed, topped with fruit, coated in chocolate, and dripping with everything but the crown jewels – well it’s easy to overlook simple cookies.

The Pointy toed Shoe Sisters...well some of them

“Joyce, you have got to try these cookies “They are SO good!” I heard three of my pointy toed shoe wearing cohorts say in perfect unison.

I clip, clip, clipped to the the table in my red high heels. Little yellow cookies with a brown edge, they did not make perfect dainty circles so typical of a fancy tea cookie. I tried a bite, mostly as a courtesy to my dear friends.

It was a moment; I am sure there was some quantum physics involved as I travelled back to after school snacks and penny loafers, when vanilla wafers tasted like magic….and shoes were for jumping in mud puddles. Sweet, light, and with and ever so subtle blending of vanilla and lemon the cookie crumbs had us all fighting to lick the plate.

It took me a few weeks, but I tracked down the baker of these most enchanting of cookies, Ms. Ellen Donahue. She’s my new best friend! Giggles

These cookies are fine with a glass of cold milk or a cup of tea, but think of them as vanilla wafers and imagine the possibilities! I guarantee you are going to see me referring to this recipe for cheesecake crusts, banana pudding and a little something special I like to whip up for our Kentucky Derby Party   Friends Drift Inn Cookie Crumb Bourbon Balls .

Give them a bite!

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