Dinner Party Honeydew Granita Recipe

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Clean, Crisp & Smooth Dinner Party Finale’

Dinner Party Honeydew Granita Recipe

Honeydew Heaven – Clean, Crisp & Smooth Dinner Party Finale’

I’ve just got back from Charleston, SC. It was an amazing weekend with two of my best friends, and a long list of restaurants. There is a certain intimacy in sharing a meal. If more folks did so, the world would be a more pleasant place! Do your part, throw a summer dinner party!

South Carolina is about a month ahead of us in the growing season, perhaps even six weeks ahead of my garden . The Charleston Farmers Market was grand, and an adventure I will be sharing in a few days. Shop your local growers, Shop farmers market first if you can, but if not melons are in season currently being shipped in from Mexico.

Get your friends together, and have a dinner party celebrating the summer harvest. Finish the event, and if YOU have a dinner party I know it WILL BE an EVENT, finish it off with these palette cleansing Dinner Party Granitas. It’s amazing, no strike that – it’s mind boggling how something so simple as a melon can have such complexity of flavors. This summer recipe is a classic – and the bonus is it is SO EASY! Cool, crisp, clean and fresh your guests will think you are so sophisticated! What a giggle! Enjoy.

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