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Dandelion Salad Spring Foraged Delight

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Come spring, there is a certain pleasure in pulling on muck boots and rambling through wood and pastures. I inspect our garden spot with anticipation. I commune with the blue birds.

When the redbuds begin to bloom, it’s time to harvest the first dandelion greens. Mildly bitter, dandelion greens are a welcome bite of spring. Do you forage?

Sometimes I think the foodie jet set has really lost their grip. When researching my Appalachian News Express column for this week, I discovered a Wall Street Journal article proclaiming dandelions salad greens were retailing for $9.00 a pound.

Seriously? I just go out in the yard and gather them up for FREE. How trendy is that?

Dandelion Salad A forager's delight

If you haven’t tried dandelion greens there is no time like the present. Spring greens are tender and mild. Use them in salads or on sandwiches in place of arugula. Dandelion greens will work in place of spinach or chard in most recipes.

To harvest the greens, just pull or cut the leaves. If you are cooking the greens down, harvest twice as much as you think you need. Trim tough stems. Wash in a gallon of cold water. Wash a second time in fresh water. Wash a third time, including 1 tablespoon of vinegar in the gallon of water.

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Friends Drifts Inn receives a small commission from purchases made through affiliate links.


Friends Drifts Inn receives a small commission from purchases made through affiliate links.

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