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Cushaw Soup Recipe a great starter for your Thanksgiving gatherings

Get Cozy with Cushaw Soup!

I like cushaws paired with sweet flavors like sorghum and honey – but it is the savory side of cushaws that tickles my tummy and warms my soul. It has turned chillingly cold here on the creek, and my bones need warming.

Cozy up to loved ones with a bowl of warm cushaw soup!

Warming, isn’t that a beautiful word? Marry cushaw with some curry and turmeric two spices known for their earthy warmth; throw in some onions, chicken stock, a little salt and pepper. Viola; a big pot of soup that will keep your motor running when the wind bites.

Like most soups, this is always better if made a day ahead, stored in the refrigerator, then reheated. Sometimes I like to add some wild rice to the mix just because. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, this is a great recipe for holiday entertaining and as a cocktail party appetizer.

As a farmer, cushaws are perhaps the winter squash that gives me the most joy. It is in part nostalgia for the original Friends Drift Inn and part the contemporary thrill when our Friends Drift Inn Farm cushaws were featured at a James Beard Event.

At the farmers market, our clients are familiar with cushaw recipes that are sweet desserts. We continue to offer tasting samples and present cushaw recipes that highlight the beauty of cushaw as a savory ingredient. It is so fun to see clients’ faces light up with surprise and pleasure when tasting one of our savory cushaw recipes! Featured on the Slow Food Ark of Taste green striped cushaws are one of the most versatile winter squashes we grow.

Cushaws store well over the winter. Buy them up when they are available in the fall. Store in a cool place or roast them off, and freeze for later.

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