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Baking Pies – Cushaw is My Favorite!

Baking up a Tradition

Come Thanksgiving, I often allow myself to drift back in time to a moment when my grandparents were pushing aside the kitchen table and dancing in the kitchen. In my mind’s eye I see my lanky Grandpa performing kicks and flicks to a Charleston tune.

It was Grandpa who always insisted we grow cushaws. They were a good seller at the original Friends Drift Inn Produce stand. Grandpa loved cooking cushaws as a savory dish perhaps with venison or sausage; but most customers enjoyed the tradition cushaw pie.

Green Striped Cushaws on the vine
I was delighted to see Brown Forman’s chef Mark Williams feature a cushaw pie recipe in a recent Courier-Journal article for Thanksgiving celebrations. If you do not know, Green Striped Cushaw is on the Slow Food Ark of Taste. In a way, it is considered endangered. If there was one single catalyst that launched this blog, it was the search for cushaw seeds!

Cushaw Pieis an Appalachian tradition worth incorporating into you’re your own holiday entertaining mainstays. Sweeter than pumpkin with a depth of flavor enhanced by sorghum and bourbon, there was a time in the American history book when cushaw was preferred over pumpkin. It is my mission to resurrect the ancient one, and restore it to it’s rightful place on your table.

Cushaw and Pumpkins, they are not just for the holidays….if you find the right recipes you will serve them again and again.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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