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Cornbread Salad Recipe featuring farm fresh ingredients

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Summertime in the Cornbread Nation – Good Eats Aplenty!

Cornbread in the South it is a topic hotly debated in culinary circles especially within the membership of The Southern Foodways Alliance. Should it be fried or baked? Should you use white corn meal or yellow? Should it have sugar or not?

About the only thing that seems to be a consensus is a cast iron skillet should be involved.

Here in my corner of Appalachia, cornbread salad is one of those easy picnic recipes that translates well family reunions, garden parties, and church dinners on the ground. As we ease into fall, cornbread salad will make its way to football tailgating parties paired with succulent barbeque. It makes me smile just to imagine it!

Matt Jamie and Edward Lee serve Cornbread Salad at Bourbon Classic announcement Louisville KY

In my most recent newspaper article, I explained Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia prepared a “Panzanella” salad for The Bourbon Classic media announcement. (He had a little help from Matt Jamie – giggles.) What could be an easier party appetizer/ The cool salad was a delicious accompaniment to the multiple bourbon cocktails served up by Mixologists from Louisville’s Silver Dollar. Corn in the salad and corn in the glass – that works for me! Giggles.

Inspired by Lee, I featured cornbread salad in this month’s TV episode of Friends Drift Inn which was filmed in my heirloom garden in between the hailstorm and torrential downpours. My intention was to present the salad in layered form, but in an effort to be helpful the salad was premixed by my loving husband. I was a little dismayed; but the show must go on. Explaining the dish, I scooped up helpings for my featured guest and myself, setting the bowl down on a red and white checked tablecloth.

Featured on FDI TV and in newspaper article Cornbread Salad went SPLat during TV shoot!

Did I mention that it had been raining buckets? The tabletop was so wet, that when I sat the bowl down it slid off splattering across the lush green grass in a symphony of colors and giggles. It’s all part of the gig – and I mean it when I say “It’s real life” here at the big red barn.

Obviously, you need a baked cornpone to get this recipe going. Cornbread recipes are more from memory than recipe, but here’s a recipe.

Punch cups are a fun way to served cornbread salad as an appetizer.

Make up some cornbread salad for your next gathering. Leave it layered until serving time. It looks very impressive. You’ll just have to trust me on this. Giggles

In my opinion, cornbread salad tastes best when you make your own ranch dressing in a mason jar. I use about 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, 1/2 cup of sour cream, fresh dill chopped fine, 1 teaspoon or so of smoked pepper, and a long pour of buttermilk. Adjust to taste and desired thickness. Dressing stores well in refrigerator and is easy to carry should you be on your way to a social gathering.

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