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Grandma had her own way of doing things at the brick and mortar Friends Drift Inn. When it came to corn meal muffins the meal was yellow; the batter included just a pinch of cane sugar to “help the babies brown.”

Fast forward twenty five years, to the first batch of cornbread I made for my father-in-law, Vernon. He definitely did not approve. In his book, corn meal should always be white. No sugar should be included. And just for the record, he preferred lard or bacon grease to butter as a shortening.

I still make old fashioned cornbread by Vernon’s rules, but today I’m remembering Grandma and her warm corn meal muffins served up with a bowl of beans and a side of Cooked Mustard Greens Sometimes she would make Fried Honey Corn Cakes which obviously had a sweet component.

We enjoyed cornbread muffins on picnics, for family reunions, and for church dinner on the grounds. In the fall, the muffins were the traditional pairing with Kentucky Burgoo.

Grandma and Vernon are both gone now, but somehow I suspect the cornbread debate still wages on. I prefer a compromise. May Peace be with you! Giggles

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