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Old Dutch Half Runner Heirloom Beans Recipe

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Growing heirloom beans is one of life’s simple joys. I grow plenty; everything from cutshorts, to runner beans, to long beans, and butterbeans. If there is a spot in the garden for more beans, I plant it up!

Dutch Half Runner Green Beans Heirloom Mountaineer

The other day I was startled to stumble across a garden board post asking how to cook green beans. In summer, most mountain folks cook up a pot of green beans every day. Served with cornbread, a slab of fried green tomatoes, and some cucumber salad it’s a mostly vegetarian meal common to our tables. I feel kind of silly posting this as a recipe, but apparently some folks out there need help!

Old Dutch Half Runner, sometimes marketed as Mountaineer Bean, is a smooth green bean with a pod that is a little flatter and broader than say a White Half Runner. The seeds are white. If you can find them at your farmers market, buy up a mess.They are one of the best green beans you will ever put in your mouth!

Old Dutch Half Runner has an earthy beany taste that is hard to match without growing a pole bean. The beans are best enjoyed fresh, cooked up with just a smidgen of bacon grease for seasoning. Because these take less time to grow than a pole bean, we often plant these early in the season as we await the pole bean’s maturity. We are bean impatient!

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