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Bourbon Balls Recipe made with Cookie Crumbs

Cookie Crumbs and Pecans Bourbon Ball Classic Recipe

There are two schools of thoughts for bourbon balls. One is an elegant confection with a smooth sweet creamy middle enrobed in chocolate; and one is a cookie crumbled with pecans and rolled in powdered sugar.

Kentucky Colonels Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Candy
I featured the fancy version, Kentucky Colonel Bourbon Balls Recipe in February. The truth is, I have never seen Colonels served in homes except during winter holidays. However, they are popular at restaurants even in summer.
The cookie crumb version is what I grew up with. There was often a coffee can full of woodsy smelling Cookie Crumb Bourbon Balls tucked up high on a shelf out of kid’s reach.
Mom and Dad carefully measured out the Heaven Hill bourbon from a pint bottle that only came out when it when it was time to make a batch of Cookie Crumb Bourbon Balls. I was in charge of smashing the vanilla wafers…something I was very good at!

Nowadays, Momma says my taste buds are snobby. When it comes to this recipe I like Woodford Reserve   or Makers Mark bourbon. I don’t use corn syrup, which was the way Mom did it; I use honey.

And for goodness sakes, do not use vanilla wafers! (There goes my chance for a brand endorsement)

Try Donahue’s Dandy Cookie Recipe for Cookie Crumb Bourbon Balls. We keep a batch of the cookies in storage; not just for bourbon balls, but cheesecake crusts, banana pudding and so much more.

Cookie Crumb Bourbon Balls, I consider a signature sweet from Friends Drift Inn Recipes. Make these today, and let them mellow. At your Kentucky Derby Party, you will have a winner!

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