Chocolate Waffle Recipe: Breakfast or Dessert?

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Chocolate Waffle Recipe topped with honey, raspberries and coconut!

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    Appalachian News Express Feb 2013

Waffles and Wows!

I have never met a chocolate waffle I did not like. Even on the mornings when my feet do not want to hit the cold hardwood floors, when the sun has not yet shone over the mountaintop, when the wind is whistling across the creek, and the coal trains are moving extra slow – a chocolate waffle will make me smile.

I do not know how it is with your family, but it seems like we have been on the run for weeks chasing various projects and heading off deadlines. We have been eating, but not really enjoying.

This weekend put the brakes on. Before the madness of the day pulls your family in ten different directions, have breakfast together. Make the first meal of the weekend something special, something that will be remembered with a smile.

Mornings are not always fun; but we can make them better. Start your weekend off with a grin; enjoy chocolate waffles drizzled with honey, strewn with mini chocolate chips and coconut, then topped with red ripe raspberries.

If you have leftovers, you can freeze the waffles for later or use them as a base for dessert. No matter how you serve them, chocolate waffles will bring smiles your way. And hugs. And kisses.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Friends Drift Inn!

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