Chocolate Chip and Pecan Bourbon Bites

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Chocolate Chip Pecan Bourbon Bites

Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Mini-bites for Holiday Entertaining
Kentucky Derby Party Week

Jake my nephew is a good kid. When his teacher asked him to name the three major holidays he never hesitated…. “Christmas, Easter and Kentucky Derby Day.”

I love that boy!

Jake is not a big fan of sweets. When it comes to a thick rich chocolate nutty pie with a hint of bourbon, he just turns up his nose. Even Tammy’s Honey Bourbon Nut Pie does not tempt him.

These Chocolate Chip and Pecan Bourbon Bites are a lighter offering, paired up with fresh strawberries and grapes. When I am doing this with kids in mind, I do not soak the pecans in bourbon the night before. But if it’s an all adult party, I always do.

Without the soak, these have the ever so subtle hint of Bourbon. I like Blantons Bourbon for this recipe. It’s flavor suggests almond toffee. (Just in case you were wondering, Blantons is a good straight sipping bourbon. )

Your guests, young and old, will enjoy these. Get in the kitchen, and saddle up!

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