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Chocolate Gravy 3 Things You Must Know

Chocolate Gravy is not a family tradition with either Charlie’s family or my own. But when chef Virginia Willis posted a recipe for the rich chocolate rivers of sweetness and a number of my personal friends responded, I felt obliged to do some investigative research.

In our county, chocolate gravy is a tradition held mainly “Up Virgie” but seems to crop up sporadically in other mountain communities.

In my recent Appalachian News Express column, I detailed thoughts on chocolate gravy’s history. Some say it is a variation of mole sauce, brought to our mountains by Spanish settlers. Others say it is a more recent introduction, coming with the arrival of Hershey’s Cocoa.

I’m not sure any of that really matters.

Here’s what you need to know.

Chocolate Gravy Recipe Pouring onto biscuits

1. Biscuits baked in bacon grease are essential.

2. Biscuits should not be sliced open, crumble them up!

3. Chocolate Gravy consumption is addictive.

This recipe comes from my sorority sister, Tonya. Her laughter is as refreshing as a gurgling stream in mid-July. She wishes y’all rivers of chocolate gravy and mountains of cathead biscuits!

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