Chocolate Fondue Recipe for Valentines Giggles!

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Chocolate Fondue Recipe for Valentines Day Giggles

This recipe appeared in the Appalachian News Express this past week

Valentines, Chocolate and Strawberries – Sweets for Your Sweetie

Down in the basement of our sorority house, there was a wonderment of party decorations, tablecloths, candleholders, and special serving pieces that were housed under lock and key by our dutiful house mother. Mom Maize was a woman of practicality. She was part of the Lexington horsey set, at once elegant and refined yet earthy and homespun.

One Valentine’s Day it fell to me to plan a special holiday entertaining event bringing pledges, actives and alumni together for an evening of small talk and bonding. Frankly, I was stumped. What could I possibly do to bring together blue haired diamond dripping alumni with collegiate girls sporting Ralph Lauren and add-a-beads?

I appealed to Mom Maize for help. She smiled knowingly and nodded. To my amazement, she got “the keys” and we went to the dungeon to plunder. Amongst the stacks of silk flowers, taper candles, and fancy napkin rings we found them. Forgotten for years, a dozen matching fondue sets were neatly boxed up like little presents from the founders.

Mom was gleeful. I was dubious.

Chocolate Fondue Recipe served with Strawberries and Pineapple

She looked at me and said “Have you ever seen a woman turn down chocolate?” I studied on the query for a split second, shaking my head and grinning from ear to ear.

The evening went off without a hitch. Who among you does not want to dip strawberries, pineapples, marshmallows, pretzels, apples, and sugar cookies into a pot of melted chocolate?

That’s what I thought. Valentines is not about the money you spend it’s about the time you spend. Grab some chocolate and hang out with the folks you love. Share the giggles!

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You do not have to have a fondue set to make this work. You could set a pyrex bowl on a rack and place a tealight under it to keep the chocolate in melted state. Fondue sets come with dipping utensils, but bamboo skewers will work just fine! Enjoy!

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