Chilled Carrot Soup Recipe A Refreshing Brunch Appetizer

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Chilled Carrot Soup Recipe Brunch Appetizer

May 2012 Pike TV Recipe – Refreshing Carrot Soup

Chef Jeremy Ashby makes me crazy. He comes up with some quirky recipe ideas sometimes; the kind of culinary creativity my mind used to firmly refuse to consider. But the kid, he has it going on.

It was Ashby that first introduced me to soups as appetizer shooters.
Chilled Carrot Soup Shooter Brunch Recipe with Orange Zest

Soup shooters are fun! As the heat waves of summer roll into the mountains, I look for menus that chill and refresh. I love easy party appetizers!

Carry a tray full of little glasses filled with a cool slurp of carrot soup into your next dinner party crowd, and I guarantee you will be the most popular person in the mix!

Kids love soup shooters! They might not eat their vegetables whole, but blended into a soup and presented with a tiny little glass and a fancy garnish? The vegetables miraculously disappear in a sip and a giggle.

Unexpected and whimsical, chilled carrot soup is just the thing for spring brunch. Surprise your momma on Mothers Day with something so simple….but so extraordinary!

Make ahead this appetizer for parties, chilled carrot soup holds well in the refrigerator.

It’s almost summer. Get chilling!

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