White Cheddar Bourbon Cheese Ball Recipe

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White Cheddar Bourbon Cheese Ball Recipe

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Versatile Cheese Ball Recipe
Cowboy Boots or Silky Pumps? It’s All Good!

Do you remember clothes shopping with your mother? I sure do. I could put together an outfit; but Mom was always there reminding me it needed to work with clothes I already had. I would roll my eyes. However, looking back I see it was a reasonable request that fostered creativity along with practicality.

That’s the way I look at cheese balls; it’s a mix or match kind of world. Chef Ouita Michel chef in Residence at Woodford Reserve, and owner of three eating establishments including Holly Hill Inn put together an amazing appetizer plate at a recent Woodford Reserve distillery event. There was a whole session on Learning to Taste. It was quite insightful!

Ouita’s creation featured a poached pear topped with a mini-cheese ball, accompanied by a ham biscuit embellished with a swirl of cushaw butter. I loved it! When I throw my next dinner party, the concept is likely to make an appearance.

But, it’s a mix and match world. When the family descends upon the big red barn for Christmas Eve festivities there will be mayhem. There will be wine and there will be giggles. They will straggle in laden with presents, wearing Santa hats, and those holiday sweaters Stacy and Quinten like to throw in trash bins. Giggles.

There’s no time for fancy little mini-cheeseballs I’ll make a plate with one snowball sized cheese mound topped with homemade pepper jelly. I’ll skip the sterling cheese spreader in favor of a litte spreader topped with a whimsical Frosty the Snow Man. It’s all good.

The point of this post? Cheeseballs are versatile. Dress them up. Dress them down. Make them ahead of time and put on your party duds!

Hey Mom will this match? Giggles

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