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Cheesy Grits with Garlic, Charlie's new favorite

June 2012 Episode Friends Drift Inn – Guest Charlie Pinson

Grandma used to say the Ohio River Valley is where “Grits meets Goetta” in a combination as ordinary as biscuits and gravy. Old fashioned grits were standard breakfast fare at the Friends Drift Inn in Northern Kentucky.

When I married moving further south in Kentucky’s Appalachia, I could never understand why grits were not invited to the table.

There was cornbread and there was hominy; close cousins to grits. How could it be that grits were shunned by the kinfolk?

Grits are just not hillbilly food.

June 2012 Friends Drift Inn Episode Cheese Grits and Pork Loin

It took me 25 years to understand.

When one’s only experience with grits is a monkey bowl full of instant grits, bland gruel served up by waitresses wearing polyester aprons, chewing bubblegum, and with their hair teased up to Jesus it’s no wonder the general attitude here in the mountains is “Kiss My Grits.”

No amount of cajoling could dispel that all important first impression of “goo.”

I generally do not push the issue. But last year, I travelled to Charleston where grits are plated up right alongside a hunk of cornbread in a joyous family reunion.

Upon my return to the big red barn, I delivered “real” grits.

Charlie was none too pleased. He can be downright surly sometimes. But when I fed him honest old fashioned grits, cooked down over a thirty minute span, he changed his tune.

“This is what grits are supposed to taste like?” he asked.

“Yep.” I shrugged.

It sent his mind in a whole ‘nother direction. So much so that on the June episode of Friends Drift Inn with Joyce Pinson he was the one singing praises of old time grits; showing off how he likes them cooked and plated with pork tenderloin.

Change can come. Sometimes it just takes 25 years. Giggles

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I am all about the South, but my heart is in Kentucky. Check out these Kentucky Proud grits.

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