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Honey Cheese and fruit a holiday brunch ritual

Fruits, Nuts, Cheese and Honey

After all the holiday revelry, does January have you looking for a simple brunch solution? Grab your favorite flannel robe and get in the kitchen.

Gather up some nuts, dried fruit, and fresh fruit. Now plate that up alongside Brie Cheese drizzled with honey. I’m talking a winter indulgence whispering summer breezes.

Yes, I said Cheese and Honey.

My Grandpa, the original owner of Friends Drift Inn, was a skilled bee keeper. He probably would not suggest such a combination, but Grandpa never met Georgia’s Ted Dennard. Ted, presents interesting pairings of honey and cheeses on his Savannah Bee Company website.

Honey flavor is dependant upon the type of flowers honeybees harvested from. Here in the Appalachians, Lin honey is the most celebrated. Lin, is short for the American Linden tree which blooms in May and June. Other varietal honeys include Tupelo, Acacia, Buckwheat and Clover. Each honey has a distinctive flavor.

The Big Red Barn crowd loves Nibblers Fruit Plate coupled with Cheese and Honey. Mix and match fruits as the seasons change.

Elegant….and oh so simple!

I usually figure 2-3 slices of fruit and cheese per person for a brunch starter. Follow up with a Gluten Free Crustless Quiche .

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