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Bourbon Tomato Jam Recipe Food Preservation Home Canning Project

UPDATE Friends Drift Inn Bourbon Tomato Jam Recipe appeared in the September Edition of The Bourbon Review magazine. Read how that came about Revelations and Secrets… Real Life Adventures

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Bourbon Tomato Jam is like a gateway to fall. It’s thick. It’s sweet. It has cayenne peppers for punches and bourbon for kicks and giggles.

Bourbon Tomato Jam Recipe Home Canning

This is a much richer delicacy than my Green Tomato Preserves Recipe . “Hearty” seems like a good descriptor. I imagine it with roasted pork. I think of it slathered on cornmeal muffins or even Sweet Pumpkin Biscuits. For breakfast, I think it would “pop” with baked eggs.

Most gardeners in the Southeast will tell you this has been a very weird year for tomatoes. They just aren’t getting ripe. We have beautiful plants with big healthy fruits….but they are green as persimmons before a frost.

I’m a planner. I put hours of thought into the varieties of tomatoes put in the garden. I work out their maturity dates, with the intention of having a staggered harvest. If you ever have canned tomatoes by the bushels, you know why.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans – sometimes they just don’t come together. The tomatoes are ripening ever so slowly, with no rhyme or reason. I’ll get a couple handfuls of yellow pear babies, a few Hazelfields the size of a dinner plate, and the stray San Marzanos that for some reason thinks it should be red when the rest of the plums are green.

When we get a fair haul Charlie will make sauces by   the small batch; maybe 3 quarts at a time. It’s time consuming, but for the past three years we have lost the tomato harvest so every little globe is precious.

Today, I went down and picked. Not enough to justify making sauce, but too many to just let go to waste on the overburdened kitchen table. So, I bring you Bourbon Tomato Jam inspired by Food in Jars.

I’ll be making another batch of tomato jam, real soon.

PS If the tomatoes ever get ripe!

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