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Bourbon Southern Sweet Tea Recipe featuring Woodford Reserve bourbon

Summer Bourbon Cocktail – Bourbon Heritage Month Series

Last Call for Summer at Woodford Reserve

I hate saying good bye to summer. I hate it. I am not ready to give up my sandals, by flirty little skirts, and easy wear clothes in all the colors of the rainbow.

I look at my fall and winter wardrobe and sigh….brown and black…blah.


But just because summer is fading, do not expect me to give up sweet tea. OH NO! I like my tea iced; I like my tea hot. It goes without saying that a little bourbon either way is a good thing.


Last weekend, Rhoda and I had the pleasure to attend visit Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery for their Guest Chef Series featuring that hot shot chef who’s name should be familiar to my readers, chef Jeremy Ashby It was a beautiful day in the Bluegrass, with the sun smiling down on glasses of what Woodford Reserve bills as the “Ultimate Southern Sweet Tea.”

We began the event with a Bluegrass Sunrise Cocktail Recipe Bourbontini featuring Woodford Reserve, had a shot of Woodford Reserve Bourbon with a lesson in tasting descriptors, and finished with this tea as the main course was presented. It was a good day! (Yes MOM we ate well too…see at Woodford Reserve Bourbon Luncheon)

No, I’m not ready to let go of summer – and you can bet I’ll be on the front porch sipping Bourbon Southern Sweet Tea until the snow flies.


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