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Sorghum Caramels with Bourbon Recipe

Sorghum and Bourbon Caramels Halftime Heaven

With Superbowl coming up, I’ve been sorting through some recipes that we enjoy for tailgates and informal get togethers.    

Home-made caramel candy can be made a day or so ahead, and is a sweet counterpoint to all those chili and hot wings recipes Super Bowl Party menus seem to be filled with. A little candy is a good thing!

Sampling Country Rock Sorghum with Randal Rock Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show

Me with Radal from Country Rock Sorghum

If you have never tried sorghum , you really should.

Thick, woodsy, with a sharp edge and unmatched sweetness, sorghum is not for the faint of heart. Louisville’s Top Chef Competitor chef Edward Lee   of 610 Magnolia makes it his mission to promote Kentucky sorghum.

I’m doing my part. For gourmet sorghum check out Matt Jamie’s Bourbon Barrel Foods a Kentucky based company. For traditional Appalachian sorghum you can order from a number of sources. My person favorites include Holbrook Sorghum, Country Rock Sorghum, and Townsend Sorghum.

In a pinch, you can substitute boring ol’ corn syrup; but I will throw a penalty flag.

This candy recipe is best served fresh, but will keep several days in the refrigerator.

Super Bowl Party Recipes

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