Bourbon Pecan Pralines Recipe with Sorghum

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Bourbon Pecan Praline Recipe

Pralines Sweet, Robust and Versatile Dessert Recipe

During a sales training trip down in Baton Rouge, I fell in love with pralines. That was some twenty years ago.

Has it really been that long? Note to self, you are not getting younger. Go buy more wrinkle cream.

Sweet Pralines with Sorghum and Bourbon!

My friend brought pralines to one of the meetings; a sweet concoction made by her momma from a old family recipe. The praline was an elongated sugar confection, solid and a little grainy. The taste was rich, that dissolved ever so slowly over the palate. Sweet, with hints of oaky caramel is the way I remember it.

Kentucky Style Praline Recipe Bourobn Pecan Praline with Sorghum

The other version of praline was one found in most grocery and specialty stores down in Bayou Country. Flat shiny patties of what I would call pecan brittle, except they are not really brittle at all but flexible. They are fun to bend and play with…and make a great stand alone sweet bite. However, they are an even more awesome garnish to ice cream or rice pudding.

Here’s my version of pralines, Kentucky style. The recipe includes sorghum and bourbon. I know you will find that shocking. HA!

Enjoy these sweet bites at your Super Bowl Party. The flavor is strong and full, and will stand up to all that hot and spicy chili and wings you will undoubtedly be enjoying. If you are ambitious, make these ahead of time for your upcoming Mardi Gras Celebrations. They store well in an airtight container.

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