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Bluegrass Sunrise Cocktail Recipe inspired by Azur Restaurant and Patio Official Drink of the 20ll Kentucky Bourbon Festival

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It’s a busy weekend in Kentucky. Down in Bardstown they are whooping it up at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. In Lexington, they are pretty happy too. The crew at Azur Restaurant and Patio created the official cocktail of this year’s festival The Bluegrass Sunrise Bourbontini.

Sunrise Sunset?

Bluegrass Sunrise Cocktail Recipe featuring Makers Mark 46 Official Cocktail of 2011 Kentucky Bourbon Festival

As for me, I have a busy weekend planned which involves my friend Rhoda. We will indeed being seeing an early Bluegrass Sunrise come Saturday morning when we launch on a new adventure. I do not want to tell all I know, but it does involve chef Jeremy Ashby of Azur Restaurant and Patio .

Tequila Sunrise is a classic cocktail, immortalized in an Eagles song by the same name. The Azur version features Makers Mark 46 Bourbon, the new kid on the block, kind of like Rob Samuels. Makers Mark original is the first Kentucky bourbon I fell in love with way back in my college days.

The newer product, Makers Mark 46 offers a gentle aroma…..hinting at caramel and oak. The taste starts out with that familiar Makers feel, but this is so much more. There is a distinct cinnamon bite at the finish, which leave a clean mouth feel. Like most bourbons, I think Makers Mark 46 has the ability to stand on it’s on – but if you must have a cocktail this one isn’t half bad!

Call me a sentimental fool, but the Makers Mark brand will always hold a place close to my heart. and yes, yes I am a Makers Mark Ambassador which entitles me to one gift a year. My favorite has been an ice cube tray.

Enjoy Responsibly!

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