Blackberry Bourbon Sweet Tea Recipe

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Blackberry bourbon iced tea cocktail

Summer Evening Porch Delights – Bourbon Cocktails

Fresh Blackberries, Bourbon and a Hint of Mint…Sweet Tea!

Cool drinks on a hot summer days are part of the charm of a southern front porch. The cool condensation caresses the hands – and has been known to kiss the forehead and neck. Cool sensations! Blackberries, bourbon, and a sprig of mint – sipped slowly and savored at sunset. That’s living well no matter what side of the Mason-Dixon your castle is planted on!

Blackberry bourbon iced tea cocktail recipe

When we visited Charleston one of our most entertaining destinations was Firefly Vodka out on Wadmalaw Island. They make an interesting bourbon sweet tea. With all the blackberries we are blessed with, I thought I might mix up my own bourbon and sweet tea concoction.

On sweltering summer evenings when the sunsets behind the hills iced blackberry bourbon sweet tea is a good answer to the day’s conclusion. The sweetness of the berries, the soothing fresh aroma of mint, and the mysterious background of tea with bourbon is something not to be missed.

And on this scorching hot night while I sit on the wicker sofa with the ceiling fan moving the air ever so slowly, my thoughts turn to a Mississippi girl who used to share some giggles on the barn front porch. Charlie and I miss her.

Natasha, if you are reading this, the barn doors are open. We’ve got bourbon!

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