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A Cake to Linger Over

If you have never baked with fresh black walnuts, you have missed a treat!

There’s a certain aroma about black walnuts, earthy, sharp and commanding. Dumping the walnuts in this dough – and it’s more dough than batter – the smell of walnuts takes me back to winters evenings at the real Friends Drift Inn.

Grandma was much more patient about cracking walnuts than I was. I just like swinging the hammer!

With black walnuts and honey, this is a dry cake perfect for tea time. The contrast of the walnut’s bite, with the mellow acidity of honey and lemon is very simple, yet pleasant. I like this cake with green tea, but a lightly flavored herbal blackberry tea might also be nice.

If you are used to a very moist cake, you may wish to drizzle a bit of honey mixed with lemon juice over this the plated products.

This recipe comes by way of Louisa Shafia of Lucid Food.

Post Script to this Recipe….I forgot to wrap this cake up and it got really really dry. Upside is I crumbled it up and have served as a topping for apple crisp! I also tried cake crumbles drizzled with warm bourbon sauce. The combination of black walnuts with bourbon must have been pre-ordained! Shaazam!

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