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Black Bean Vegetable Soup garnished with preserved lemons

Bean Soup An Appalachian Tradition

In case you are new to Friends Drift Inn on Monday I post a recipe focused more on vegetables than meat.

Sometimes I use eggs, cream, cheese and even a meat based stock. I am not a vegetarian.

With a background in agriculture, you may think it odd I would even consider a “Meatless Monday” concept. So let me make this clear, I do not think Meatless Monday is a new idea.

No offense to my facebook friend, and noted author Kim O’Donnell. Kim is a smart cookie and I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. (One of my first interviews was with Kim) If you have not read her books you really should. The recipes are easy, creative, and taste surprising good.

During the harvest, we in Appalachia serve many satisfying meals with little or no meat. green beans, fried tomatoes, potato cakes, and cucumber salads are taken for granted meals during summer’s bounty.

In winter, a simple bowl of beans with cornbread is “Everyman’s” dinner here in the mountains; and we don’t feel cheated. Certainly, we don’t restrict this hearty dinner to Monday! Giggles

Meatless Monday is easy on the pocketbook, and a great change of pace. Just don’t tell the girls down at the quilting bee that Meatless Monday is trendy. They will laugh and miss a stitch.

How to Make Preserved Lemons A Garnish for Soups and Salads

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