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Big Apple Bourobn Bread Recipe Bourbon Heritage Month

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Quick Bread Recipe for Fall – Bourbon Heritage Month Series

It’s Bourbon Heritage Month. Did you think I forgot? Don’t be silly! I”ve just been trying to get the garden wrapped up, before moving on to orchard and foraging.

I am a country girl. I am definitely not about the big city bustle, the unfamiliar faces, and the barrage of urban noise that is the hallmark of New York Cityl. We all know this weekend marked ten years since that fateful day, when even a rural barn dweller like me wanted to love New York City with a hug.

I salute the folks of New York City…..all 8,214,426 of them. Hey y’all from Kentucky!

Layers of Flavors

Big Apple Bourbon Bread Recipe featuring Basil Hayden Bourbon

Today, I raise a glass of Basil Hayden Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to the Big Apple. Basil Hayden is a small batch, part of Jim Beam’s stable of offerings. With a bit of a bite, I think it’s appropriate for my homage to the New Yorkers. Rye gives this Kentucky libation a spicy and peppery taste that finishes with that little tingle of feel good warmth that celebrates the change in seasons.

Big Apple Bourbon Bread contains a mixture of spices, with the optional ingredients of sorghum and bacon drippings adding a background of fall flavors.

Big Apple Bourbon Bread; take a bite. Take two. We are celebrating Bourbon Heritage Month.from California to the New York Island.

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