Beer Bread Recipe Yeasty Flavor without the Fuss

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Easy Beer Bread Recipe Yeasty Taste witout the fuss

On this month’s Friends Drift Inn television show, Chef Matt Corbin of The Blue Raven serves up a meatloaf sandwich on sourdough bread. I do not have a recipe for sourdough bread; but beer bread tastes great and will make your kitchen smell heavenly.

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Yeasty Flavors without the Fuss – Easy Bread Recipe

Companion Recipe to April 2012 Friends Drift Inn TV Show

Beer Bread is a quick bread with Big Daddy flavors. I like bread with character; but I am really pressed for time today. I need a stir and go recipe. Beer Bread fills the bill.

Beer Bread Recipe featuring Garlic and Good Shepherd Sheep Cheese

Baking bread, it is one of those rituals that calms me and makes the kitchen smell like home!

The taste yields that yeasty richness of traditional artisian bread, but there is no need to fuss with letting the loaf rise, punching it down, and working the dough.Did I mention stir and go?

Beer gives this bread a little lift, making it a medium density. I always add a little fresh garlic. Sometimes I like to incorporate cheeses and fresh herbs. I prefer sorghum for the sweetness, but honey works well too. Try this recipe for the base of an open-faced meatloaf sandwich. You’ll think John Travolta has asked you to take a two-stepping dance around your kitchen floor. Crank up the jukebox!
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