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< Banana Pudding Recipe from Scratch the ultimate comfort food dessert recipe

This recipe appeared in the feature In Search of Hillbillies and Banana Pudding by Joyce Pinson Nov 14, 2012.

Banana Pudding The Ultimate Family Dessert Recipe

I remember standing on a chair at the stove to stir pudding constantly. Momma would chide if I let the sweet milky custard scorch.

Banana Pudding Recipe from scratch inspired by Louiisvilles Silver Dollar

Mom always made banana pudding a day ahead. She never used vanilla wafers, instead we used graham crackers. The dessert, a family favorite, was served chilled with the graham crackers absorbing the pudding making them soft and inviting. I could dive in! Giggles

Until I came to the mountains, I never saw banana pudding with meringue. No really, it’s true.

Until I went to the Silver Dollar, which is in Louisville I had never been served warm banana pudding with a meringue on the top. I am enamoured!

Warm with egg richness and a splash of bourbon, the Silver Dollar banana pudding recipe was topped with a browned meringue that made me think of marshmellows toasted on a campfire, only smoother and richer.

I don’t know the secret recipe of Jonathan Schwartz, the executive chef at Silver Dollar, but I do know this recipe is very well recieved here at the big red barn. Giggles I use Ms. Donahue’s Dandy Cookies for the ultimate homemade experience.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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