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Spring Brunch Recipe Mothers Day Brunch Recipe Asparagus Quiche!

Springy Asparagus Quiche

Asparagus Quiche Recipe for Sunday Brunch

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Fresh Asparagus is coming into peak production this month. “Spear Grass” is what the old timers here in the mountains call it.

Pair fresh asparagus spears with sheep cheese and eggs – and what I call it is “DELICIOUS!”

My recipe calls for fresh asparagus, eggs and sheep cheese; yes sheep cheese! I had the chance to spend the day with Coleen and Sanford Dotson of Good Shepherd Cheese in Bath County, KY Handcrafting cheese is hard work; but I am so glad to know how my food is made…and just who my farmers are!

Asparagus Quiche is the perfect item for spring brunches….and with Mother’s Day coming up why not treat Mom to this easy brunch recipe?

On the May 2012 Pike TV episode of Friends Drift Inn, I served cold carrot soup and a dollop of homemade blackberry jam atop a slice of sheep cheese sitting pretty on a cookie. Your momma will love you for this menu!

Shop Farmers Market First for the freshest “Spear Grass” in your neck of the woods. Consider growing your own asparagus in a permanent edible landscape. The fronds make a lovely screen. And the best part? Asparagus root crowns, once happily planted, will produce fresh asparagus each spring for the next fifteen years!


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