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Easy Holiday Entertaining for Leisurely Brunch

My nephew Jake thinks there are three major holidays Kentucky Derby Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There are other times of the year when the entire family is together for visits but in his mind these are “The Big Three” for holiday entertaining. This year, Thanksgiving was particuliarly remarkabe because our nephew Rob, his wife Sasha, and our great nephew Shane made it in from Detroit. My heart is never fuller than when the barn rings with laughter of family and friends.

Got Guests?

Quick Breads are one of my favorites. Back a zillion years ago, I used to do 4-H demonstrations with all kinds of quick breads recipes. They are easy to mix up, throw in the oven, and move on to making breakfast or brunch on the stovetop. Here is a few of my favorites from the past year.

Pumpkin Raspberry Scones Recipe

Raspberry Pumpkin Scone Recipe

I am a big fan of hot tea and scones. Pumpkin Raspberry scones make a wonderful start to the morning. Pretty on the plate, yummy in your tummy – these goodies beg you to slow down and savor the moment. I love lingering over a slow lazy breakfast catching up on all the family adventures and hearing family dreams for the future. If you want to actually have a conversation with loved ones, this recipe is a good way to set the stage.

Apple Bourbon Bread Recipe

Big Apple Bourbon Bread Recipe Bourbon Heritage Month

The Friend family has a long history of growing, storing, and preserving apples. Local historical accounts from the Civil War era spin tales of storing apples beneath the floor of the Friend cabin. I can remember making apple cider from an old cider press for the produce stand at the real Friends Drift Inn. If you do not grow your own apples, look for organically grown fruit. Apple Bourbon Bread can be made ahead of time. It stores nicely. Sometimes I slice a few pieces, warm them in the oven and spread with a thick layer of homemade apple butter or Blackberry Jam. Just nod your head and say yes to a brunch break! Giggles

Tea and Fat Rascals Cookies Recipe

A platefull of Fat Rascal Tea Cookies

Greet your young guests with a plateful of Fat Rascals…and let the giggles commence! This is a dry, tea cookie studded with dried fruits and nuts….made into incredible comical faces. Jake likes to dunk these in milk, but I like them with a really flavorful citrus flavored tea. These can be made ahead of time; grab the kids in the early evening and have them help you create the silly masterpieces. Bake a memory for Sunday brunch!

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