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Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon a Kentucky Bourbon

Double Oaked with Master Distiller Chris Norris

Woodford Reserve just happens to be one of my favorite “go to” Kentucky culinary bourbons. It loves to pair with citrus. It is perfect with steaks. It compliments chocolate. It makes sorghum sing. For cooking, Woodford Reserve is a natural choice.

In March, Master Distiller Chris Morris introduced a “line-extension” to the Woodford Reserve Brand;   Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Rhoda and I celebrated her recovery with the Double Oaked and bon-bons. Yeah, it’s how The Pointy Toed Sisters roll!

Joyce Pinson with bourbon barrels at Woodford Reserve Distillery

The new introduction is aged in one barrel for about seven years, then redistributed to a second barrel. The first barrel is what gives Woodford its signature flavors. The second barrel? Ah yes. A specially crafted barrel, charred to a different degree, anoints Woodford Reserve Double Oaked with very unique attributes.

The aroma is a bit smoky. Woodford Double Oaked greets the palate with smooth warmth and a quick bite – more a nibble really. As the bourbon flows through my mouth, I am aware of the woodsy oak flavor followed by a rich caramel fullness.

Sip too fast and there is a little burn. Go slow, bourbon is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace!

Like the Woodford Reserve Masters Select Maple, Double Oaked is a “wait for it” bourbon. You know the kind of spirit when one waits for the finish, waits for the finish, and waits for the finish. Charlie says there is a hint of vanilla in the finish. I’m still waiting. Giggles

Charlie also suggests that Woodford Double Oaked is a “man’s drink” as it has a stronger flavor profile than the original. I agree in that Woodford Double Oaked is not one I would sip as a stand-alone. But with a meal? Oh yeah, I can run with the big boys!


What’s Cooking with Bourbon?

Chef Ouita Michel Chef-in-Residence Woodford Reserve Distillery

Chef-in-residence Ouita Michel will undoubtedly come up with some fabulous recipes for Woodford’s newest baby. Guess it is about time for a visit to Woodford Distillery and their chef series workshops!

If you have never attended an event at the Woodford Reserve distillery, I encourage you to get a reservation on your calendar. Even some of my professionally trained chef friends marvel at how Ouita teaches the power of flavors and tastes.


Try Woodford Reserve Double Oaked with a Kentucky Hot Brown. The pairing will make you smile no matter what kind of day you have at the track!


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