What is it about White Cushaws that makes us SMILE?

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Saving Appalachia’s Farmer Brown White Cushaw AND
The Cool Factor: Country Cushaws

Chuckie the Cushaw waiting to go on the air at WDHR Day Break East KY Broadcasting

Saving the Farmer Brown Cushaw

Give me a mike, and I will talk about the importance of cushaws all day long. Well almost all day. Making converstation before 8 am is not on my “Top 10 List” of things to do. Giggles

The Daybreak Morning Show kicks off at 6 am; a time when I would rather be snuggled beneath the covers. But I packed up the ingredients for the “Taste of Fall” breakfast plate and tucked “Chuckie” the white cushaw ever so gently into the four-wheel-drive. Then I floored it, heading to the bright lights and big city of beautiful downtown Pikeville.

Mixing the sound, mixing the tastes...it's all about fall on WDHR Daybreak

Chuckie took a snooze while I plated up the Cushaw Pie  and sorghum cookies and Andrew prepared for our segment on Appalachian Heirloom Vegetables and Seed Saving.

Cindy May Johnson gets Chuckie the Cushaw wired up for WDHR Daybreak Radio

Cindy woke Chuckie up and got him wired up for his guest star segment. Chuckie is getting used to all the attention, having been featured in the Appalachian News Express this week, and in a cameo appearance on Friends Drift Inn October TV episode.

Sara G rocks Chuckie the Cushaw...he's such a baby!  East KY Broadcasting

Like a cute little puppy, Chuckie the White Cushaw made everyone smile. Sara G on “The Oldies Station” rocked Chuckie Cushaw and showered him with love.

Cradling the cushaw on Coal Country Mornings with Jill and Dave East KY Broadcasting

Over at Coal Country Mornings Jill and Dave gave Chuckie his “Cool Cushaw” props. Cushaws, especially white ones, are hard to come by. Chuckie knows he’s a rock star!

As for me, I am appreciative of East Kentucky Broadcasting for allowing me a few minutes to talk about Appalachian flavors of fall like cushaws, apples and sorghum. Sometimes we forget what makes our Appalachian Foodways so special; but Chuckie the Cushaw reminds us. It’s a good day to be in the coalfields of Kentucky!

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