The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters Ride Again

Friends Drift Inn Farm – Real Life

Chef Jeremy Ashby in Azur kitchen with Pointy Toed Shoes Girsl

Good Friends and Good Food

Time to ReGroup

Friends Drift Inn is growing, but it’s not the road I envisioned. Some new paths are before me, and I don’t know if my high heels need to go down those trails. I hit the pause button, skipping Friday’s post. That’s not like me.

Things have been moving way too fast in the last three weeks; way too fast. I am out of rhythm, I am out of sync. Sometimes I need a serious reality check.

Enter the Catty Broads

If I want brutally honest, catty, snide and unfiltered feedback there can be no question. Throw the Pointy Toed Shoes crowd in a mini-van with too much luggage and a pile of cushaws and head to Lexington.

On the Mountain Parkway, the sisters listened attentively as I whined. I went on and on about my how difficult it is to be a “tortured artist.” After about ten minutes, they told me to “Get over Yourself.” I am surprised it took them that long. Maybe it was the lack of bourbon….giggles. They were catty. They were snide. And I love them for it!

We checked in at our favorite hotel, and made a quick dash out to Azur Restaurant and Patio. For the record, I wanted to go for BBQ and Beer. But that’s another story.

Chef Ashby is a wonderment; one of the whiz kids from the molecular gastronomy school of thought who creates culinary adventures….but still maintains the integrity of the down-home farm-to-table movement.

Chef Jeremy Ashby Azur Restaurant and Patio Lexington Ky

The girls were treated to a look at his new kitchen toys….a cryovac machine and thermal circulator. Now I would love to tell you what that means, but my pointy toed shoes got stuck in the kitchen floor mat grids and I had to slip off my shoes to wrench them loose….so I missed the conversation. I did however amuse the kitchen staff as I frantically hopped around trying to regain my footing. And for the record, there was no bourbon involved at that point. Giggles

Ashby cooked us up good meals….and poured some fine spirits.

Azur Restaurant and Pation Flounder and Scallops

There was Flounder and Scallops.

Azur Restaurant and Patio Pork and Gnocchi
There was Pork….scrumptious tasty pig!

Azur Restaurant and Patio Desserts Lexington KY Chef Jeremy Ashby

There were desserts!

Anita, Chef Jeremy Ashby and Rhoda at Azur Restaurant

There were relaxed conversations with the folks who tell it like it is.

I am blessed with Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters and by a kid they call chef Jeremy Ashby.

Friends Drift Inn will return with lots of news and recipes on Wednesday. Have a great Monday!

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