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The Blind Pig Louisville KY serves up house cured meats with old world style

UPDATE 2016 The Blind Pig has met it’s demise. However, chef Bobby Benjamin has taken over the space now billed as Butchertown Grocery. Check it out!

Rootin’ For The Pig

Billed as a “Gastropub,” The Blind Pig is more than a little neighborhood bar.The claim to fame for the eatery is their house cured meats executed in European charcuteurie tradition. How many places do you go where sausages are hanging in the attic?

I grew up on German inspired pub food. It takes something special to dazzle me; but The Blind Pig shines bright. The Pig opened in March of 2010. Accolades came quickly. The New York Times, Gentleman’s Quarterly aka “GQ” and a variety of news outlets have high praises for the pub. I can “see” why. Pun intended.

The Blind Pig Louisville Kentucky has and everchanging menu inspired by European tradition

Located in a refurbished warehouse, the exposed brick walls and timeworn woodwork give a comfortable and cozy atmosphere to the trendy urban setting. Eclectic artwork throughout the restaurant playfully lightens the moody abode. The bar is located in Louisville’s Butchertown District, a nod to meat processing in the River City.


Charlie and I were amazed by the sandwiches! Such depth of flavor; rich meaty bundles with a smoky flavors are uncommon in this world of modern fast fixings. Wheat artisianal bread and crisp greens complimented the house cured pork. Handcut French fries added another layer of peasant earthiness to the meal.

Charlie enjoyed a craft beer; I opted for a cocktail. The cocktail knocked me out of my chair. Wow! Matt Jamie did not warn me just how wonderful the libations would be.

The Blind Pig Louisville pours a mean cocktail plus awesome craft beer

Our server was very insistant we try a dessert. You know he really twisted our arm! The pineapple concoction had just enough acid to cleanse the mouth and then tantalize it all over again with fruit, sugars, and a satisfying crunch.

At the whim of the chef, the Blind Pig’s menu changes frequently. Offerings stay true to European foodways of old, not bowing to modern twists and turns. Add a blindfold, and the smells and tastes could convince a European tourist they had returned home. The Blind Pig gets it right.

Our server confided a new bar would be going in the attic space at The Blind Pig. Months later, Rhoda and I would visit Meet Meat. But that’s another story.

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