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East Kentucky Broadcasting Can It Forward

Can It Forward

I have a confession. Last week was kind of bumpy for Friends Drift Inn, your cyber-retreat for recipes, gardening and hot flashes. I looked at my blog traffic; it is short of expectations. I looked at the half dozen or so rejections from Food Gawker and     Taste Spotting. I even looked at my bottom line to keep up this hungry monster of a blog. I was discouraged.

But what do you do?

Can it Forward Home Canning Event August 13
First I ate some Chocolate Zucchini Cake. Then I put on my big girl panties and crawled out of a marsh of self-pity.

I called the radio station. “Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on. You want me to cook something up?”

It’s really a silly question. Radio folks like to be fed.

Can It Forward 2011 Home Canning Event August 13

Wendi hooked me up, so on Tuesday morning I pointed my vehicle toward town and East Kentucky Broadcasting complex which houses several different radio stations. My mission, to talk about Can It Forward the Home Canning event coming up on Saturday, August 13.

The radio stations are anything but serene….more like controlled chaos. With several stations housed under one roof, there is a high energy level up at Peach Orchard. It’s fun to visit.

See What I Mean?

East Kentucky Broadcasting David Branham Coal Country Radio

Here’s David. He’s on WXCC Coal Country Radio. We talked about how good the house smells when making pickles and beets.

East Kentucky Broadcasting Cindy and Keith WDHR Day Break

This is Cindy and Keith part of WDHR’s Day Break Crew. Keith’s mom makes pickled corn; and it is good right out of the jar.
Joyce Friends Drift Inn with Homer East Kentucky Broadcasting WDHR Day Break

This is Homer. We laugh a lot. He knows a thing or two about blackberry jam.
East Kentucky Broadcasting Ted Meadows

Down the hall, Ted Meadows and I did our thing in the “Talk Radio” studio. (Don’t ask…giggles) Ted nodded when I talked about serving an acidic cucumber relish with something sweet to cut the sugar. “Hey, I watch Gordon Ramsey!”
East Kentucky Broadcasting Oldies

Over at the Oldies Station, we talked oldies. You know “oldies” like us teaching the next generation to can. That’s truly “Canning it Forward.”

Empty Plate from Jelly and Jam Sampling Can It Forward

The plates got emptied, and you know that makes me feel better. Sometimes you just gotta step away from the keyboard, get out from behind the camera, and go be with real people who make you laugh. Thanks East Kentucky Broadcasting!

The Real Message of Can it Forward

Can It Forward 2011 Home Canning Event August 13

Moral of Story….when life gives you canning jars….fill them up and share them. Good things will come your way. Can it forward!

P.S. This is not the end of the story. We may be taking this gig on the road…up the “Big Road” to Lexington for a guest appearance. How ’bout them apples? Pass me another canning jar….I’m thinking apple butter! Giggles Have a good day!

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