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Table Three Ten Lexington KY The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters

This past weekend the place to be was the Kentucky Proud    Incredible Food Show featuring the Voltaggio Brothers of Top Chef fame. The Voltaggio Experience was worth the admission price, hotel bills, and costs of buying the VOLT ink.: Recipes, Stories, Brothers . But that’s all covered in an upcoming post.

The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters Lexington Adventures

Small Plates….Avant Garde Atmosphere

It’s about a three hour drive to Lexington, so when the pointy toed shoes crowd converges in the Bluegrass we are ready for adventures! We all had busy summers, and it is the first time we have been together in months. Let the giggles begin!

Table 310 Lexington KY Foie Gras with Carmel Apple
Friday night, we met up at Table Three Ten, a trendy foodie destination. If you want to know more about the restaurant check out November’s Issue of Food and Wine. I hate it when the big city folks beat me to a scoop!

Table Three Ten is a brooding artsy restaurant with a decidedly European atmosphere. The menu is extensive featuring dozens of seasonally themed small plates, with house specialty cheeses and wines. Small plates does not mean tiny portions. Small plates is about sampling a variety of dishes….sharing little bites with all your friends. The Pointy Toed Shoe Sisters loved that!

Our main courses included panko encrusted halibut infused with green tea, caramel apple foie gras, sautéed chicken livers and a duck leg. All were visually appealing.

Good Shepherd Sheep Cheese Local Kentucky Proud Table Three Ten Lexington KY

Ingredients are sourced from around the globe, but the focus in on local products. If you get the cheese plate, be sure to order a slice of heaven from Good Shepherd Cheese. It’s a buttery delight, made by the Dotson’s who are originally from Pike County. (We Appalachian Baby Boomers stick together!) LOL

Stella Parks Pastry Chef at Table 310

Stella Parks Table Three Ten Pastry Chef The Brave Tart

In addition to a full meal…we had DESSERTS. Pastry Chef Stella Parks happened to bump into us on her way to the Kentucky Food Bloggers Association dinner at Jonathans at Gratz Park. Stella is a wonderment! Visit her blog at The Brave Tart to understand just what a talent she is.

The girl can bake. We ordered all four of the desserts offered. Later this year, Friends Drift Inn will bring you a behind the scenes interview with Stella.

As for the desserts, OH MY! We had paw paw ice cream recipe , a butternut squash pudding with sugar cookie, and a plate of homemade cookies including an awesome take on the Fig Newton.

We did not linger long… Friday Fest at Cheapside Park was just around the corner. We found ourselves a little sidewalk bistro table and soaked up the local ambiance. Several restaurants were there including Azur Restaurant and Patio Lexington KY
offering a few appetizer courses to compliment the refreshments by Sky Bar. There was music, but we did not pay much attention.

We laughed about the things fifty-something women laugh about; our husbands, the amazing engineering that goes into Spanx, the blessings of hormone patches, the thrill of riding a brand new Harley and how we like wearing outrageous pointy toed shoes just to aggravate the geriatric crowd. We reveled in each other’s company….and in sharing in life’s adventures.

At two in the morning, we were still laughing. Sometimes the girls just gotta get out of town.

Disclosure we paid for meal at Table 310

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