So Fresh it’s Green…KY Fresh and Ms. Maggie

Maggie Green “The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook”

Maggie Green "The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook"

Today’s Appalachian News Express article presents a story about Maggie Green and her “Kentucky Fresh Cookbook.” Maggie’s recipe for Ale-8 One Slow Cooker Pork Barbecue was featured here at Friends Drift Inn during our Kentucky Derby Party marathon. Look for Maggie’s recipe for Pimento Cheese here on Friday

Maggie Green “The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook”

Some of the best advice I ever received when heading off to college was, “Get to know people in the local community.” It’s not easy being a kid away from home for the first time. Peggy Kroboth and her husband Carl knew that. They raised seven girls and one boy; that’s called experience!

The colonial home of the Kroboths, not far from UK’s campus, was the best place a girl could go when she needed to borrow a sewing machine, grab a quick sandwich, or have some freshly baked cookies and milk when that homesick bug had bitten a little too hard. Peggy Kroboth helped smooth out bumps in the road as we learned to live independent lives. Hard to believe that was over thirty years ago.

I met The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook author, Maggie Green first on facebook. We share many passions, home cooking, gardening, farmers markets….and a lady named Peggy Kroboth. You see Maggie Green is one of “The Kroboth Girls”; one of the little sisters that we were too cool to hang with so many years ago. It’s funny how time changes your perspectives.

Maggie’s new cookbook, comes from the University of Kentucky Press. Featuring over two hundred recipes arranged seasonally, this book is one you will want to order in multiples; the perfect gift for graduation, weddings, and birthdays. Flipping the pages, you get a sense of what it is like to grow up in Kentucky with many sections including personal stories of her childhood, her adult life, and reflections of Kentucky basketball. Go Big Blue!

But it’s not just Kentucky where Maggie is making a stir. Places like Arizona , and Ohio are rushing to praise “Kentucky Fresh” with it’s simple ingredients, easy cooking instructions, and appealing stories. No matter where you live, cooking with fresh ingredients is a theme that resonates.
Maggie Green is a nutritionist by trade. She has worked with Joy of Cooking business family as a contributor and consultant. Now living in Northern Kentucky, her cookbook reflects the traditions of the central and upper Bluegrass regions. In addition to recipes, the book lists various Kentucky festivals associated with food and many Kentucky farms that market to the public.

I caught up to Maggie a few days ago at a book signing in Northern Kentucky. Appropriately, the location was “Kentucy Haus.” We laughed. We hugged. We talked a little about life, and a lot about food.

Maggie Kroboth Green, you grew up to be a fine lady! I know you have made Momma Peggy proud.


You can find Maggie online at The Green Apron Company

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