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Rook lead singer, Paintsville KY based band

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Charlie’s Mid-Century

Every so often as Queen of the Barn, I issue decrees. This weekend was one of the most important, Charlie’s 50th birthday party. On such an auspious occassion, I threw our friends together….the ballroom dancers, the bar room dancers, and our old friends from college. It made for a lively evening.

The band, Rook, kept the dance floor crowded with tunes from the days of our misspent youth. We boogied, we ate , we sipped a few, and we laughed a lot.

I’d like to tell you more and post some fabulous pictures of the crowd….but as the saying goes…..”What goes on in the barn….stays in the barn.”

So after a weekend of a milestone birthday party, out of town friends staying over as guests, and of course the Easter holiday….I am tired and my feet hurt.

And so, I Joyce, Queen of Barn, declare a holiday from blogging …so I can catch my breathe.

For you “foodies” if you look in the background of this photo, you might see a familiar face pouring wine for the band. I’m just kidding….or am I?

Have no fear, Meatless Monday will return next week, and on Wednesday I’ll be back to a normal routine.

Well, as “normal” as one can get when one has delusions of being Queen, when in reality I just live in a barn.

Happy Monday….and Rock On!

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Joyce Friend Pinson is a regional farm-to-table columnist for the Appalachian-News Express. She is a local television host. Her column show and blog, Friends Drift Inn, explores food, gardening, and real life farm-to-table stories from the perspective of a baby boomer in Appalachia. Joyce has a background in agriculture, media, and small business. Joyce is an heirloom gardening addict and home canner. She has a penchant for big hats, pointy toed shoes, and bourbon. Along with her husband Charlie, Joyce really does live in a barn where they ballroom dance. And laugh. And cook. And giggle.