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I do not usually sit down to “chat” with you on Wednesday. But, today I just want to sip some hot tea with friends. The last ten days have been eventful.


My recipe for Bourbon Tomato Jam

is featured in this September’s edition of The Bourbon Review magazine. It’s a big deal. Shout out to Ashby for thinking of me, and to “The Bourbon Boys” Seth Thompson, Justin Thompson, Brad Kerrick and Bob Kenney Eidson for the opportunity!

During “Woodford in the Kitchen Luncheon”

at   Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery chef Jeremy Ashby announced Friends Drift Inn as the inspiration for his menu. I cried.

My website went down for four days

I had 4 radio interviews during that time. I cried buckets.

Secrets to Giggle About

Paw Paw GUEST POST PokeSaladAnnie

PokeSaladAnnie, agreed to be a mystery blogger. I am jumping up and down with joy. I cannot tell you who she is. It’s really a hard secret to keep. I want her Friday Paw Paw Palooza post to be about HER and NOT what’s his name. (What’s his name…I know you understand! Giggles)

The Incredible Food Show is next weekend; and some “bad boy” chefs are coming to town. I could tell you more…but it’s a secret. You’ll just have to come back when I am able to spill the beans!

Any good news you would like to share?

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Joyce Friend Pinson is a regional farm-to-table columnist for the Appalachian-News Express. She is a local television host. Her column show and blog, Friends Drift Inn, explores food, gardening, and real life farm-to-table stories from the perspective of a baby boomer in Appalachia. Joyce has a background in agriculture, media, and small business. Joyce is an heirloom gardening addict and home canner. She has a penchant for big hats, pointy toed shoes, and bourbon. Along with her husband Charlie, Joyce really does live in a barn where they ballroom dance. And laugh. And cook. And giggle.