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You all know Kermit the Frog, right? “It ain’t easy being green” was a favorite song of mine from Miss Piggy’s better half.

This last weekend I was singing a similar song….”It ain’t easy being me.” I did not see Miss Piggy anywhere….or did I? Giggles

Friday night, we made it up to Covington for the Community Farm Alliance event in the Covington Artisans Center. I met Tricia Houston of Napoleon Ridge Farms, and Justin Dean, Greater Cincinnati Chef of The Relish Restaurant Group.

Both love heritage hogs. Justin’s eyes light up when he talks about “Landrace Durocs” a pig with fine conformation and big hams.

The event was aimed at uniting local farmers in the Northern Kentucky area, promoting farmers markets, and letting the community get to know who they are buying produce from. The buffet featured locally grown ingredients, with Justin Dean offering up the main entrée’ of Woodland Pork from Black Oak Hollow, Fraisers Bottom, WV.

Saturday, I went shopping and tried to do a little catch up work on this thing called Friends Drift Inn.


Kim O'Donnel The Meatlovers Meatless Cookbook at Lex Farmers Market

Bright and early Sunday morning, Charlie and I met Kim O’Donnel for a breakfast interview that included a few fun quips from her Kentucky native husband, Russ Walker. We all checked out the Southland Farmers Market, a satellite of the main Downtown Lexington Farmers Market.

We spied hydroponic tomatoes, lots of herb seedlings, painted gourds, baby tomato, pepper, and cabbage plants and a guitarist who played the harmonica. For the first weekend of the season, there was a lot going on.

Leaving Kim, we rushed off to the Lexington Home and Garden Show expecting to see lots of new trends for gardening. Not much gardening going on, but if you need kitchen cabinets or windows…that was the place to be.

Finally we jumped on the Mountain Parkway, and the Appalachians were glad to see us coming. Two days away from the barn, and my baby tomatoes had grown by leaps and bounds.

The thing is it’s a little hard to reconcile a weekend where we literally “porked out” then interviewed the “Meatless Monday Maven” Kim O’Donnel.

It ain’t easy being me. Giggles

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