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Here we come Charleston!

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3 Menopausal Women 3 Days in Charleston SC

3 Pointy Toes Shoes Sisters -3 Days in Charleston, SC
The Baby Boomers Leave Appalachia

And We’re Off!

When three menopausal women pack up for a girls weekend in Charleston, SC you can bet there will be drama. There will be giggles. There will be food consumed in mass quantities. There will be stories shared. And of course there will be hot flashes!

This winter was much too long, and with the rains here in Appalachia well it’s just not seemed like summer, though the thermometer has topped out over 100 several days. What we needed was sunshine. What we craved was farm fresh produce. What was on our mind was a certain hot shot chef named Sean Brock

Shoes, Shorts, Skirts, and Sparklers

Tom, Rhoda's Husband

Our husbands rolled their eyes as we loaded up the vehicle. Usually we are all about strict agendas, and packing light. Not this trip. We had sandals. We had walking shoes. We had little kitten heels for fancy dining and a night on the town. Did I mention we packed a lot of shoes? Giggles

Our husbands will never understand! I heard Tom grunt as he loaded our luggage. What are you girls packing?

Shorts for casual mornings, Skirts for afternoon luncheons, and there’s Sparklers for a night on the town was the consensus, each feminine head nodding with confidence and assurance we could take Charleston by storm.

Oh, I forgot to mention we all took laptops.

Do you know that look men get when women pack too much?

Rhoda and Luggage

It’s kind of like someone closing the drapes on the front parlor windows. You’ve seen it, haven’t you?

But we are women, and we don’t judge each other; at least not when it comes to luggage…and especially not on a weekend spree. Solidarity!

As we were heading out the door, Rhoda stopped us running back to get a tote full of snacks. Madonna and I burst into laughter. Rhoda thinks we are making fun of her On the contrary. Each of us had packed a small convenience store. Starvation was not an option!

We rolled out of Pikeville, and pointed the car south. Anticipation, giggles and some decidedly catty remarks filled the automobile. We stopped for dinner outside of Johnson City; then we were on the road again.

Fulton Lane Inn Charleston SC

Five hours out, somewhere in the night, the weather started to kick up a bit. We decided to stop in Clinton, but all the hotels were full. Storms had knocked off electric power, and all the locals had migrated to the lodging seeking air conditioning and satellite television. Down the road, another thirty miles or so we found suitable accommodations and turned in for the night.

The dreams were sweet, the morning was early. In another 3 hours we reached our destination, Charleston! We threw our luggage…..I mean moveable closets in our guest room at Fulton Lane Inn And we were off to lunch. And an island…with tea and wine and vodka and a big live oak tree.

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