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Kentucky Derby Party Week

Saddle Up for Fun!

“The sun shines bright on my Old Kentucky Home” is the first line of Kentucky’s State Song. I’m sure pulling for some Kentucky sunshine this week! It’s celebration time in the Bluegrass!

Like any party, a Kentucky Derby Party takes some planning. This week on Friends Drift Inn I’ll be sharing some recipes and ideas, hopefully giving you a workable time table and shopping list. You ARE having a Derby Party, right?
Bourbon Balls Recipe made with Cookie Crumbs

Today you should make Donahue’s Dandy Cookie Recipe. They don’t look like much but tomorrow you will understand. Trust me on this.
Cookie Crumble Bourbon Balls Recipe
At the Big Red Barn, the first Saturday in May is a family event. We invite a few close friends, and host the first grilling party of the season. There will be a mixture of traditional Kentucky Derby fare; along with items we consider part of the family tradition.


Here’s a quick rundown of what’s coming
Friends Drift Inn Kentucky Derby Week

Bourbon and Cocktails

A four part series with suggestions for buying bourbon, sipping bourbon, and of course a Mint Julep recipe. Bourbon expert, Jason Pyle of Sour Mash Manifesto, will be guest posting Wednesday.

Post Script Bourbon Part I Three “Sure Bets” for KY Derby
Post Script GUEST POST by Jason Pyle Part II Four New Bourbons for Thrill Seekers

Additionally, you will see a variety of recipes that include bourbon. It’s not just for sipping!

Post Script Chocolate Chip and Pecan Bourbon Bites


My grandparents, the proprietors of the now defunct brick and mortar Friends Drift Inn, were beekeepers. Honey was an important part of our pantry, and still is. Guest posts and recipes by beekeepers and Kentucky authors, Abigail Keam   and   Tammy Horn are coming your way.

Monday Post Script Abigail’s Honey Pear Salad

Kentucky Derby Signatures

It’s all about Recipe “It’s Bur-Good!” Burgoo,   the Benedictine Spread , the biscuits, and because Gwen at Bunky Cooks has shamed me The Hot Brown. (Hot Browns are served in homes during Thanksgiving and Christmas…not in spring) There will be a special version of the traditional pie, plus a take for those who those who prefer something a little less rich and sinful.

Kid Friendly Ideas

Since Jacob came along, nine years ago, I have insisted we have a kid friendly Kentucky Derby Party. Derby gatherings are part of my heritage, and I want special memories for Jake too. There will be a kid mint julep, some sweet tidbits, and a few other surprises.

Post Script Mint Simple Syrup Infusion for Mint Julep Recipe
The Basis for Kid-friendly and Adult Mint Juleps



Barbara Napier, cookbook author and real life inn keeper of Snug Hollow Farm Bed and Breakfast will share the joys of a Kentucky garden. I’ll be giving an update on my own gardening efforts as well.

Post Script Snug Hollow Garden Guest Post

Surprises! I’ve got some cooking up. Stand by!

Go Baby Go! Kentucky Derby Week at Friends Drift Inn Recipes, Gardening and Hot Flashes!

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Joyce Friend Pinson is a regional farm-to-table columnist for the Appalachian-News Express. She is a local television host. Her column show and blog, Friends Drift Inn, explores food, gardening, and real life farm-to-table stories from the perspective of a baby boomer in Appalachia. Joyce has a background in agriculture, media, and small business. Joyce is an heirloom gardening addict and home canner. She has a penchant for big hats, pointy toed shoes, and bourbon. Along with her husband Charlie, Joyce really does live in a barn where they ballroom dance. And laugh. And cook. And giggle.