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The annual Rotary Valentine’s Dance is just a few weeks away.

In a small town, this is “The Social Event” for February.

Charlie and I are ballroom dancers. Frank Sinatra and Foxtrots; that’s the makings of a very romantic evening!

Go Big Blue KY Wildcats

Valentines Dance UK BasketballIn Kentucky, up until March Madness, it’s all about basketball. Go Big Blue!

But I’d like to interrupt the basketball season for just one night!

Hmmmmm….GENTLEMEN can we please have a moment?

I’m all about sparkles!

I have this very slinky, glittery cocktail ensemble I am dying to wear. It’s a matt jersey and chiffon number with little silver rhinestones all along the cuffs and bodice. It fits, but with little room for how shall I say this…..Pie Pudge.

That’s Not the Problem

Peche Pie Palooza offers a month of pie recipes

The problem is those folks over at The Peche.
Every time I check up on my New Jersey friends, they are posting another recipe for pie. A simple search on their blog yields thirteen, count them THIRTEEN pie recipes.

Obviously, they don’t wear bifocals because their photographs are in perfect focus. All sugary, all gooey, all delectable, indulgences I can ill afford.

Just looking at those luscious pie pictures make my fat cells multiply.

You know you want to, you just gotta look – but don’t bite.

My bifocals are blocked. My net nanny is set.

I hear Sinatra. I see sparkly silver sequins.

Please pass the endive.

From now until Valentine’s Day, the Pechie people are not my friends. You and your Evil Shenanigans too!Winter Hat

Please go away.

If you won’t do it for me, do for fellow New Jersey icon, Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. He likes the way I wear my hat!

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